Home Cleaning Through Pressure Washing – DYI Tips and Why One Should Hire an Expert

Home Cleaning Through Pressure Washing – DYI Tips and Why One Should Hire an Expert

A clean home is not only comfortable, but also healthy, valuable, and presentable. Due to reasons such as lack of enough time, inadequate cleaning skills, and lack of proper equipment, sometimes dust, mold, dirt and grime, gradually accumulate onto various interior and exterior surfaces of a home. Piling up of such dirt can slowly change the appearance or general outlook, which may not be improved by usual home cleaning practices. In such a case, pressure washing can be the ideal solution. Pressure home cleaning is highly effective for conducting major overhaul cleaning of your property and utilizes the pressure washer technology.

What is a Pressure Washer?
The Pressure Washer ejects water under pressure and allows it to mix properly with the cleansing product before being ejected through the nozzle. It is the pressurized mixture of water and detergent that cleans surfaces and rids them of stubborn dirt.

As water under pressure gets ejected at high velocity, it comes out with enormous energy that enables it to eliminate stubborn dirt, grit, and grime. Moreover, the high pressure enables the water to seep through cracks, and crevices, from which it dislodges dirt. However, the downside of using pressurized water is that it can widen cracks or even break poorly constructed floors if the cleaner aims the water jet directly into the cracks. The Pressure home cleaning machine can also be used to remove aging paint from wall surfaces.

How Can It Be Used For Home Cleaning?
Pressure washing is often considered more ideal for cleaning the home exterior. It can be used for roof cleaning, cleaning pavements, walls, siding, windows, gutters, floors, and others surfaces. However, it can also be used for interior cleaning, but one would have to cover upholstery, electronics, furniture, and fittings or put them in another room to avoid water damage. The best way to have your home pressure cleaned is to hire an expert cleaning company for the job, but you can also hire or buy the machine and keep your home clean by yourself.

Home Cleaning Tips and Safety Precautions When Using the Pressure Washer
Just like any other machine, there is the possibility of injuries or accidents when using the pressure washer. Safety precautions and proper use should, therefore, be observed. It is important to keep in mind water is ejected under high pressure and contains a force with that could lead to the unwanted circumstances in case the stream jet is accidentally aimed at the body. To start with, one should ensure that they use the right material and tool for the right task. Below are a few pressure washing tips to observe when doing or intending to do DIY home cleaning.

Choose a Good Pressure-Washer – The Pounds per square inch (PSI) unit is important as its enable one to gauge how much pressure the machine can generate. However, the most critical factors that should be considered is the Gallons per Minute Unit (GPM), which as this value is a better indicator of the machine’s performance capacity as compared to the PSI value. The pressure washer should be functional and able dispense the cleanser and water solution at the right pressure without strain. There are good models in the market, both for sale and for hire. Hiring is cheaper, especially when on a tight budget.

Understand The Limits Of The Washer – If you understand the limits of your cleaning machine, then you are more able to protect your assets by not subjecting them to lengthy periods of pressure cleaning. Moreover, this understanding also enables the homeowner to recognize that certain stains could not be cleaned by pressure cleaning, and they are thus able to seek for alternative cleaning means. The popular belief that increasing the pressure would clean all the stains is false.

Choose Your Cleanser Well – For the purpose of eliminating paints, stubborn dirt, and stains, some types of chemicals and cleansers are used by professionals in pressure washing of surfaces such as walls, siding, pavements, and floors. Nonetheless, most chemical cleansers are premixed with the water before being used. Some of these chemicals are unstable and tend to lose their potency under high pressure. However, others require an expert who knows the portions to use and how to protect themselves in the case of advised precautions.

The Right Equipment For the appropriate Task – Furthermore, it is advisable that one should not use a pressure washer to clean surfaces that would have otherwise been cleaned well with standard cleaning. This should discourage homeowners from needlessly subjecting their property to pressurized water which after sometimes tend to be corrosive on the surfaces they are supposed to clean. If one intends to use the pressure washer for home cleaning, it is important that they choose and use the appropriate tools as this not only ensures cleaning efficiency efficient but it protects you from bodily harm.

Protect Delicate And Brittle Assets – It is advised that one shields his or her plants, window glasses, car windows and vases from the pressurized water. Moreover, there is need to protect the plants and other home equipment from the stream of chemical runoffs. Usually, the homeowner can cover these delicate and brittle assets as well as use water to dilute the chemical runoffs. Also, it is recommended that one waters his or her plants before House pressure washing as studies have shown that dry leaves tend to absorb chemicals at a faster rate than wet leaves.

Wear Protective Clothing – There is need to put on the appropriate home cleaning outfit for safety purposes when pressure washing. This includes cleaning gloves, washing garments, boots and protective eye glasses. These protect your skin from coming into contact with the cleaning chemicals, some of which may be corrosive; or able to cause topical side effects. Moreover, wearing of fitting boots ensures safety from slipping during the chose.

Always Point the Nozzle Away From Yourself – One of the basics of safety when using pressure washing machines is to always point the nozzle away from oneself. This lessens the possibility one being injured by the pressurized water. Also, the cleaner should ensure that the water stream is not aimed at anyone else around him or her. For this reason, it is advisable that you request any individuals around the cleaning environment to give way so as to avoid potential accidents and injuries. Additionally, ensure that the hose pipe is well secured to the machine. A poorly secured pipe can accidentally detach from the washer and cause an accident.

Don’t Overdo the Job – House pressure washing is ideal when one wants to thoroughly clean his or her house. However, if one overdoes it, he or she risks damaging his or her property. If pressurized water is aimed at a surface for a long period of time, there exists a risk that it would damage the surface or if it seeps into existing cracks, it may widen them thus weakening the structure. It is for this reason that homeowners are advised against pressure cleaning their homes frequently.

Hire a Professional Home Cleaning Service! – The Benefits
Apart from being time and energy efficient, professional home cleaning is handled by experts who are insured and bonded. This means that you are covered in case of any damage during the process. Another benefit is that it is safer and more effective in restoring the appealing appearance of your home. As compared to buying your own pressure cleaning machine, professional home cleaning is cheaper and eliminates the need to strain much during successive regular cleaning. It helps you keep your home clean, elegant and healthy. These are some of the reasons why hiring an expert home cleaning service provider is better.

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